Injection Moulding Perth | Afaridan Plastics

The Afaridan Plastics is the plastics manufacturing Perth division of Adarsh Australia. We are plastics manufacturers who made short-run injection moulding more affordable than ever before.

Small runs are easily and cost effectively be turned around locally in Perth, Australia. High volume production runs are coordinated though our own offshore facilities where tooling and production costs are lower. Because we run our own offshore facilities, we ensure the same high-level of quality control as in our local facilities. And, we manage the onshore and offshore production at every step.

The Afaridan Plastics division provides you with the best of both worlds. You have access to injection moulding facilities in both Perth and overseas. We can scale up and bring the cost down on large capacity orders. We can manage time efficiency with flexible local options for prototyping, small runs or modified orders. Compare our quality, reliability and order management with other plastics manufacturers. You received direct contact with our engineering team throughout the project.

Our Afaridan Plastics company is the ideal partner for your business, regardless of your industry. Look to us for all of your plastic manufacturing requirements:

  • Extrusions
  • Small batch injection moulding
  • 3D printing
  • high-volume production.
  • Blow moulding
  • Toolmaking & tool design
  • Multiple cavity tooling

Because we are the people that own the business and run the business, we have the experience, flexibility and personal commitment to ensure that you’ll get what you want, when you want it at the best price – guaranteed. And we have the full complement of machinging, forging and wire cutting services in our overall company to handle all your manufacturing needs.