CNC Machining Perth

Advanced CNC Milling & Turning

Rely on Adarsh Australia as your manufacturing partner for metal custom components or plastic custom component parts throughout Australia. Whatever your requirements for your precision machining needs, contact us for an obligation free quote.

We use current Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programs that handle a range of production sizes. Our modern CAD / CAM systems ensure you get a fast turnaround, strict quality control and competitive pricing. Our design and engineering team enjoys getting the highest efficiency out of every job.

Reliable, Modern CNC Machines

Adarsh Australia keeps at the forefront of machining and milling technology. We maintain and upgrade our CNC Machines at our Perth facility to ensure maximum reliability and optimal performance. Our goal is to give you and our customers quality, price, reliability and great service.

We are confident that we can reproduce any existing component to the same or better standards and quality as the original. Our engineering teams will develop and manufacture new parts to your specifications.

Fast Access to Quality Stock

The significant size of Adarsh Australia gives us superior buying power for materials and tooling. We hold extensive stocks of raw materials at our Western Australian factory. And, we supply stock to our clients at cost or you can supply your own material for no service fee. Our stock strategy results in low prices and an immediate start for most orders.

We can even hold and manage inventories of stocks of manufactured parts. Ask us about supplying parts on an annual basis. The stock for your annual orders are billed monthly as stock is drawn down.

Perth’s CNC Milling and Turning Team

Adarsh Australia has a broad range of multiple axis CNC turning centres. Our experienced engineers and machine operators take advantage of the state of the art machines. We have machines in a variety of bore sizes and bed lengths. Our team has the capacity to manufacture very complex parts with shorter lead times in both production and prototype sized lots.

Our advanced CNC milling machines (machining centres) are multiaxis machines. We eliminate multiple setups during the milling process and delivery the accuracy for those parts that cannot be turned. By reducing labour intensive operations to a single machine, we deliver extreme accuracy and consistency. In fact, many parts are completed on a single machine.


We can also arrange specialist surface treatments on the components manufactured such as:

  • Anodizing
  • Powder coating
  • Electroplating
  • Polishing
  • Painting
  • Case hardening
  • Peening

Metal Custom Component Parts

Adarsh Australia is a specialist in the manufacture of metal component parts for many industries:

  • Automotive: King Pins, Bushes, Collars, Off Highway Vehicles components, Racing Team components (Cylinder Head Covers and Cam Plate)
  • Chemical: Screens, Crushing Screens, Oil Deflector.
  • Construction: Brackets, Pump Housings, Valves, End Caps, Pool Clamps
  • Electronics: Hinges, Stand Offs, Pins
  • Energy: Isolator, Battery Terminals, Brass Inserts, Bus Bars
  • Hydraulic: Power Packs, Manifolds, Valve Blocks, Cartridges, Cylinders,
  • Marine: Propellers, Trim Tabs, Prop Shafts
  • Medical/ Pharmaceutical: Dental Equipment Brackets, Frames, Test Sample Holders
  • Mining: Spare Parts, Lifting Jigs, Impeller Casings
  • Oil, Gas, Petroleum: ROV Spares, New ROV Manipulator Arms, Tether Management components.