Metal Casting and Forging Perth


At Adarsh Australia, we believe in delivering above our customer’s expectations.

Adarsh Australia delivers the full spectrum of manufacturing processes from metal forging, die casting, sand casting, investment casting (lost- wax casting and lost-foam casting). We have superior results casting and forging in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Adarsh Australia has over 20 years of high-quality metal forging and metal casting experience. And, our Western Australian manufacturing company has delivered millions of products to more than a thousand satisfied customers over our 25 years in the industry.

Contact our engineering staff to discuss your specific needs. We understand that every request is different. We pride ourselves on understanding and delivering exactly what you require.

Adarsh Australia can undertake any size of order – from mass production runs and limited run batches to special component production for research and development.

At Adarsh Australia, we are in the unique position to be able to:

  • Design and manufacture our own tooling
  • Design tooling for your own production-use within tight tolerances for castings or forging

Our qualified and skilled engineering personnel execute precision work at our local and overseas facilities. We ensure the finished forged or cast components consistently meets production specifications.

Automotive Forging and Castings

  • Mechanical couplers
  • Hubs

Mining and Earth Moving Forging and Castings

  • Ground Engaging Tools (GET)
  • Earth mover parts
  • Rollers
  • Tractor parts
  • Wear plates and blocks

General Industry Forging

  • Lawn mower parts
  • Door closers
  • Machine tool castings
  • Container hinges and locks forging
  • Bar bells
  • Seating posts

Construction Forging and Castings

  • Brackets
  • Pump bodies
  • Couplers

Metal Forging

Adarsh Australia ensures that forged parts are engineered stronger than those manufactured by any other metalworking process.  Our processes guarantee that the optimal grain orientation is achieved in drop, cold, warm and hot forging.

Whatever the casting or forging demands, you can rely on Adarsh Australia to be strictly to specification, on time and on budget.

Die Casting and Sand Casting

Our extensive research and design experience, combined with our network of in-house suppliers, allows us to excel in all your foundry casting and forging needs. We are specialists in the light engineering industry, aluminium castings and lost wax castings.

Adarsh Australia’s foundry castings are engineered and managed through our own dedicated engineering office.

Our casting foundries supply pressure casting and gravity die casting. We also handle sand casting in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Engineered Forging and Foundry Casting

At Adarsh Australia, the people that own the business, run the business.

We understand that every customer has specific and essential requirements. At Adarsh Australia, we provide only the highest standard of personalised service.

Adarsh Australia has worked with many customers to simplify production.  We have developed design and manufacturing processes that are far superior to welding or mechanical fastening processes.  Our processes, specifically engineered for each application, ensure the highest level of quality and consistency part after part, batch after batch.

We invite you to collaborate with our engineering staff on solutions that improve quality, save time and reduce costs when forging or casting products. Contact Adarsh Australia at (+61) 8 9209 3866.